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Toshiba Encore 2 Windows 8.1 Tablet


Toshiba Encore 2 8″, Windows 8.1 Tablet

I fell upon this at a Staples yesterday.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4


Gorgeous screen, nice bit of hardware.

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Google Books PDF Test: Surface Japan

Something is very screwy in Google Books PDF land.

I did a bunch of new tests yesterday.

It turns out my prior iPad Mini 2 test that I got so excited over was a mirage.

Surface Japan is a 13.38MB Google Books PDF. It should be a breeze for any tablet to handle. Especially the iPad Mini 2.

Instead … well, see the videos after the break.

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Onda: More Tablets Coming In August

PadNews has an interview with two Onda officials that Google Translate mangles into near-incomprehensibility [Google Translate].

But at the end, this bit is clear enough:

6, about new products

[Reporter]: these days we are talking about Intel’s CR V2 products, Onda CR V2 product when it will launch?

[Liu] Emblem: August will continue to come out, have a good plan several products, including the 8-inch, 9.7-inch, 10.1-inch has a plan.

[Reporter]: I heard the news that the upstream, Onda will soon launch a 10.1-inch Windows tablet, the price is very Madden – 1099 here want to tell us!

[Liu emblem]: We do have plans this product. The first step is to use V0 platform will be equipped with windows immediately after the CR V2 platform mature operating system program listed in mid-August. Thank you.

I don’t know the implications of the new Intel CR V2 CPU. It’s not something I’ve studied.

But anyone who has thought about the V975w might want to wait to see what the CR V2 version will offer.


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