Onda V989: “Worst Tablet Ever”


See the video after the break.

Next-day update: He changed the title of the video from “Worst Tablet Ever.” Good thing I screensnapped my exchange with him on YouTube to show it was once so.

Update Friday August 8 2014:


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20 responses to “Onda V989: “Worst Tablet Ever”

  1. Miguel

    Thanks for the información, I was thinking to buy this tablet but now…

    What tablet do you recommend i am searching a 9,7 tablet.

    Thanks Mike.

  2. The battery says 8%…The tablet is in energy saver…LOL…

  3. Tom

    Mike, What is the difference between the V1, V2 and V3. I bought from banggood, they said it is the V1. Will it make sense?

    • Onda did a change inside. All it means is that you must use the firmware update that says V1 in it — if Onda releases firmware based on version numbers, as they have for the V975w.

      • Tom

        But the V3 is not faster + more performance than the V1 or is it only for production?

      • The change could be anything but most of the time not performance-related. Sometimes it’s to swap out one component for another that can be bought cheaper.

  4. Fred

    Just checked ondafae , onda have pulled firmware 1.0.3_V3, only V1 and V2 version is available now.

    Since pretty much everyone reporting issues have a V3, it makes sense there might be something wrong with the firmware on those tablets.

  5. vitw1844

    Worst Tablet Ever? With the new update now available (2.1.3) this is one of the Best Tablets ever.

  6. Kevin

    So is the onda worth buying now after the updated firmware?

  7. Hi, can you please comment on Onda v989 dropping the A80 for A83T which on paper is big difference in performance, but i also noticed the price difference between old and new v989 is around 40 USD.
    My concern is if took them several patches to fix the firmware, won’t new hardware with new firmware will have some issues needing wrinkling out?
    Quick reply be appreciated since I am thinking of buying this tab

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