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Xiaomi MiPad Gets Another Review

Notable because it’s in English: Xiaomi MiPad is a pretty package for just $240 (REVIEW)

Cutting to the chase, for me at least:

On the whole, MIUI’s software is slick and quick on the MiPad, much like it is on Xiaomi’s phones. I prefer the look of it to most other Android skins — especially Samsung’s clunky TouchWiz — but I’d still vote for something closer to stock Android if it’s me forking out the cash for a new gadget.

Actually, scratch that. If I’m going out right now and buying a new tablet, it’d be one of the iPads. The Android tablet app situation is still bad. In contrast, developers love the iPad and have created far more apps that adapt to the extra space; on Android, you’ll mostly just be seeing blown-up phone apps. However, as I mentioned at the top, this is a price-sensitive market, so not all consumers will be thinking the same way.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.


But don’t let that deter anyone from reading the review. It’s quite good with information I haven’t seen anywhere else.

Previously here:

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Emil Cioran


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The Story Of Xiaomi By Liwan Jiang

“By far the most authoritative on [Xiaomi], most thorough, most comprehensive book!” according to the Weibo communique. Handwritten preface by Lei Jun.


Additional information at the Xiaomi forum [Google Translate]. Someone needs to publish this in English ASAP.

Update, October 30, 2014: This book was written by Xiaomi co-founder Liwan Jiang. I have changed the post title to reflect that. Lei Jun did preface. not the entire book.

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Xiaomi In India

According to a Weibo communique, it’s just four employees in twenty square meters of office space.


It will be interesting to see if it’s grown in a year.

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More Reasons To Despise The Techies


Arrogance Is Good: In Defense of Silicon Valley

Shitheads. Shitheads all the way down.

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Pipo Pimps P8 Tablet Again

In a Weibo communique that doesn’t need publishing because it goes to their forum [Google Translate].


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The Bozo Outfit


Dressing like Steve Jobs doesn’t make you Steve Jobs.



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