Onda iPad V989


Onda Support pointed this out in a Weibo communiqué. A guy, using rooting and a variety of software, changed his Onda V989 into looking and acting like an iPad [Google Translate].

The post has animated GIFs illustrating the changes he made.

Same-day update: It was actually the Onda Weibo account that pointed this out. Onda Support “RTed” it.


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4 responses to “Onda iPad V989

  1. MocciJ

    Offtopic: regarding the crashes for the v975w, it seems that some users over at ondabbs managed somehow to find a fix (a relatively simple one). [link]

    • That is a weird fix. Discharging the tablet while connected to USB helps stop memory overflow?

      • MocciJ

        Google translate makes the fix somewhat obscure to me, but I think one has to open the tablet and physically disconnect the battery until it’s completely discharged. It’s not the first time I heard about battery problems: poorly designed drivers for it make Windows poll continously (power management is one of the first services to shut down to achieve good real time audio latency). Apart from the presumably proprietary battery driver, I’ve got high hopes for the stability of the rest of the v975w, Intel + Windows is almost always a sure shot!

      • Hmph. I’ve fallen behind in reading forums this week due to IRL stuff. I hope to catch up this weekend.

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