Vido To Release 8 & 9-Inch Windows Tablets

Offhand, it somewhat resembles the Ainol Inovo8:


Quoting ZOL on the eight-inch model:

The original road W8 is a intel upcoming + Win8 + 3G tablet, using intel Bay Trail-T series Z3735F processor, 8-inch HD IPS screen, 1280 * 800 ultra-high resolution, support for Huawei 3G card and handwriting office functions . The original road W8 memory is 1GB and 2GB in two sizes, indicating that the original Road W8 should be a product line, a distinction will be equipped with high and low with the, eMMC storage maximum support 128GB.

The original road W8 built a variety of sensors, including the gravity sensor, light sensor, 3D gyroscope and compass in the entertainment aspect of the game and experience the feeling greatly enhanced. The machine not only has great strength in terms of office, and the game experience is very good, is a combination of office and entertainment totipotent flat, with a laptop instead of strength.

More coverage at 1Pad [Google Translate] and ZOL [Google Translate].


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4 responses to “Vido To Release 8 & 9-Inch Windows Tablets

  1. badtemperedbob

    So are we talking about an eight inch tablet and nine inch or 9.7 inch tablet?

  2. IceArms

    By the way, recently released Ainol iNovo8 on sale… Look forward to the reviews soon. =)

  3. IceArms

    [In addition to the previous comment.] On the one hand, advantages as USB 3.0 and 5MP back camera. On the other hand, the weakness as a weak 3500mAh battery.

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