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Batman Never Made A Mistake

Idly thinking about how I could never turn to crime. I lack the feral cunning crooks have. In other words, I’m too stupid.

So why should Batman be so smart, unlike real people?

Sooo …

Rooftop. Night. Batman watching the city.

There’s some kind of sound.

Batman turns towards it.

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Marriage Proposal In The Sky

Pictures taken today, Saturday August 9 2014; reduced and cropped.

No, this isn’t me proposing to anyone. I happened to be outside, heard engine noise, thought it was a blimp, then when I saw the writing, went inside and grabbed the camera.


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Android Is A Pain In The Ass

iLevon is apparently on Xiaomi’s MIUI development team and his account often gives insights into the development of MIUI. In a Weibo communiqué today, he gives some insight into the pressure of developing MIUI for Android:


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Teclast X98 Air: First Unboxing Photos

Thanks to MocciJ in Comments.

Over at the Teclast forum, unboxing pictures of the Teclast X98 Air.


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