Android Is A Pain In The Ass

iLevon is apparently on Xiaomi’s MIUI development team and his account often gives insights into the development of MIUI. In a Weibo communiqué today, he gives some insight into the pressure of developing MIUI for Android:




Google Translate:

Some friends you want to really want to seriously qualify beta feedback BUG it? Or just to satisfy their desire heart, over a dry addiction to show off the next. Niece of the development team is a very painstaking process, a lot of work until midnight every day siege lion, measured by a direct impact on the quality of the beta time! Apple hardware and software aspects are Apple’s own custom, Andrews is different, hardware uneven, adaptation difficulty is not iOS comparable! !

Plainer English:

Are people seriously interested in helping to debug the beta version of MIUI 6? Or do you just want it so you can show off to other people? For the MIUI development team, this is a painstaking process, with programmers working until midnight every day, and this affects the length of the beta test process! Apple has custom hardware and software that works together. Android is different and must work on a variety of hardware and this is difficult to adapt! It’s not like iOS!

The more I think about it, the more it’s like the old days of Mac OS versus Windows.

Mac problems were usually easy to diagnose and fix because the hardware was unified.

Windows problems were always treacherous because every piece of hardware had — or required — different drivers.

So, iOS = Mac.

Android = Windows.

Forward into the past!


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4 responses to “Android Is A Pain In The Ass

  1. This is exactly the case. Imagine you are an app-dev and you have just finished the best app you have ever worked on. The crowning piece of everything you have ever done. The thing is you have a Google Nexus 2013 as you test-dev device. You know this tablet through and through, you know how to squeeze out every ounce of performance from its processor.

    BUT… What about the other Snapdragons, Exynos, Intel, Tegras 1 2 & 3, Nvidia K1, MediaTeks, RockChips, Allwinners, Speedtrums, etc, etc.

    And that just talking about processors, what about the different wi-fi radios, screen resolutions, GPS radios, gyroscopes and other sensors all coming from different manufacturers

    ON THE OTHER HAND… develop for iOS you only have to worry about the annual device refresh and you KNOW everyone one is throwing away last years model for this years new one. Basically you have 1 device to worry about.

    ALSO… with Android its worry about versions 2.3 through to 4.4. With iOS its just iOS 7(or 8)

  2. Term Inator

    Every mobile developer should just get together and develop their own phone OS public domain style.

    Using the Linux kernel works as a quick system, and build something that focuses on letting the end user do what they want.

  3. aa

    linux (culture) was actually the root of the problems, IOS based on darwin with matured bsd/unix behavior. linux crowds are mostly kids or opportunists humped by professional salesman. bloated code, unreliability and chaos are what they called creativity.

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