Batman Never Made A Mistake

Idly thinking about how I could never turn to crime. I lack the feral cunning crooks have. In other words, I’m too stupid.

So why should Batman be so smart, unlike real people?

Sooo …

Rooftop. Night. Batman watching the city.

There’s some kind of sound.

Batman turns towards it.

Down below, he sees a guy trying to open a car’s door.

Batman, thinking: He’s trying to break in.

Batman menacingly descends to ground level, cape outstretched to inspire terror.

Ground level, opposite the car, across the street: A deli.

Inside, the cashier is dead on the floor, a gunshot to the head (that’s the sound Batman heard).

Two criminals are emptying the register, the cigarette shelves.

Criminal One notices Batman descending outside: “Look.”

Criminal Two sees Batman: “Be cool. We got this.”

Batman grabs the guy trying to open the car door, throws him against the wall.

Batman: “Thief.”

Man: “What? No. It’s my car.”

Batman: “Alcohol on your breath. A crook and drunk who wants to drive.”

Man: “No. It’s my car. I left my wallet inside. I’m not driving. I’m home. I had one glass of wine!”

On the opposite side of the street, the two crooks calmly walk away from their deli robbery and murder, unnoticed by Batman.

Batman: “We’ll see.”

Batman smashes the passenger side window with his elbow, opens the car door.

Oddly, the car alarm doesn’t sound.

Man: “Why did you do that? I have the key right here!”

Batman finds wallet on car seat. Opens it. Flick to Driver’s License. Photo matches the guy who tried to get into the car.

Batman: “Huh.”

Batman shoots a line up to a nearby rooftop and departs, dropping the man’s wallet to the sidewalk.

Man: “Why did you do that? I can’t afford to have it fixed!”



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10 responses to “Batman Never Made A Mistake

  1. Martin

    Really nice..!! you should do this often…

  2. Robert

    Mike, I just got the windows x89 hd. give me some links to all the stuff u want to test, like the books u want and pdf apps that load cache and so

  3. His adventures may be seen comically or tragically, but Batman’s main staple is that Batman (and since Bruce Wayne is Batman’s shell, he’s Batman 24/7), doesn’t ever have fun. I can see Batman being like this.

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