Google Books PDF Test: Teclast X89HD Windows Edition

Thanks to Robert in Comments for doing the YouTube video!


Some screensnaps first:













The one thing he did that I wouldn’t do: He scrolled instead of swiped through pages.

He says:

It would load any page at MAX resolution in under 3 seconds, if you don’t even let it cache pages. If you spend 0.65 seconds on a page, it loads the next so it is just as fast as the ipad mini.

Personally I don’t think you can get a better experience than this.

Foxit is way better than the built in metro pdf viewer btw.

In the video I didn’t switch it to side swiping but it works perfectly.

Just gotta wait for it to finish processing so I can link it

PS. after using it for 3.5 hrs its at 41% (just browsing and downloads and installs) and it barely gets warm. Maybe itll heat up a bit in games and stuff, but its ok for now. The jap dude i linked before says that teclast has an update under works.

Now the video:

Despite having a Z3735 CPU, it performs just as fast as the Z3740 in the Dell Venue 8 Pro:

I must think about this. The heat of the unit still troubles me.

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7 responses to “Google Books PDF Test: Teclast X89HD Windows Edition

  1. @Mike… it seems as if your journey may be reaching its end.

  2. dj tieeesto

    Mike, which tablet you recommend with Windows 8.1 and gps? Thanks

  3. John T

    Why is the Teclast X89HD only $10-15 cheaper than the X98 3G? Shouldn’t it be much cheaper, since the screen size and battery are smaller (not to mention no 3G, which I don’t care about)? Please help me solve this mystery…it’s driving me crazy.

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