Teclast Announces A80-Based P98 Air


The Teclast P98 Air has a 9.7-inch Retina-class IPS display, octa-core Allwinner A80 at unknown frequency, 2GBs of LPDDR3 RAM, 32GBs of internal eMMC storage, WiFi b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0, microSD card slot, microHDMI-out, microUSB (2.0) port, 2MP front and 13MP back cameras. a 8,000mAh battery, Android 4.4 with Teclast’s tUI over it. There’s’s no GPS or 3G.

This is basically the first competitor to the Onda V989.

Teclast is following Onda’s lead and citing the questionable AnTuTu score that ranges from the 50-60,000-plus range.

This is not to be confused with the Teclast X98 Air, which is based on the Intel CPU.

This is going to be interesting. Both Onda and Teclast get Android for this from Allwinner, as the platform maker. They then add their own special sauce to it (Onda’s ROM, Teclast’s tUI). Which tablet will prove to be the most stable?

More information at Teclast’s site.

Previously here:

Teclast Makes AnTuTu Score Claim For P98 Air


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13 responses to “Teclast Announces A80-Based P98 Air

  1. Leo

    This is the tablet I’m very interested in – the v989 seems to be still in beta (h/w as well as f/w?). Teclast have made a very attractive housing for it.

    My hope for these new A80 tablets is that maybe they’ll be more custom ROMs for it considering Allwinner’s more relaxed policy to open source..

  2. John T

    Leo, why didn’t the X98 Air interest you?

    • Leo

      Well, it’s not like I’m not interesting in the x98 air – it’s just that I want to see how the Bay Trail-T really stacks up against the A80 – the big 2; performance and battery life I guess. So far the A80 has not been all that impressive by the looks of the choppiness seen in the v989 but is that just firmware bugs in the Allwinner stack? What do you think?

      • John T

        I think the X98 is better (for me) because it’s got GPS and P98 Air doesn’t (thanks for mentioning that, Mike). X98 is missing a game sensor that all stores list as “yes” in the specs, though, so I’m starting to think I should just wait for the new 8.9″ Nexus tablet, which is rumoured to have the Tegra K1 cpu. The issue I have, though, is that Google always charges $100 difference for 32GB rom vs 16GB rom.

      • I’m still waiting for the day when 32GBs becomes the new low-end model and 16GBs go away.

  3. Leo

    What I’d like to know is if the P98 Air uses the older non-IGZO retina display which means it uses 57% more power than the newer one in the Ondas?

    • Their specs just say “IPS (Retina display)”

      EDIT to add: This illustration says IGZO:

      • MocciJ

        IPad Air don’t have IGZO technology, and in my personal opinion Teclast and Onda are sharing the same LG screen model for all their latest tablets. That screen is essentially the reason behind the compact size, I guess LG initially made them only for the iPad and then sold them to those chinese brands. This, and the fact that even the upcoming iPad Air 2 won’t have IGZO because of Sharp’s factories low yield of those screens, make me believe that we won’t see IGZO in chinese tablets for a LONG time.
        But we have, at least, a screen that’s proved to be good. Couple it with an Intel CPU (that I almost blindly trust) and the only bits that can go wrong are almost software based only!

      • Leo

        Very interesting MocciJ, thanks for the information. So would you always pick the Bay Trail-T over the A80 then?

      • MocciJ

        I generally would pick x86 over ARM just to have Windows 8.1. Combine the Bay Trail inexpensive CPUs + the reduced requirements of windows 8.1 + LG well known retina screen and there’s a good laptop substitute around 200 bucks.

  4. J

    Any idea when this will be released? I guess this is what they changed the t97s to. I’m hoping for one of these tablet companies to release their source code so we can natively install a complete linux operating system on one in hopes to ditch android for something more useful (at least to me anyway) I think an a80 tablet running native linux would be absolutely great. If you find anyone that’s successful doing this please post about it, thanks.

    • People are up in arms on the Teclast forum. They pre-ordered it on the word of Teclast saying they’d get it in seven days. Some got an X98 3G instead, so Teclast could say they kept their seven-day delivery promise!

      So, no idea when it will actually be for sale, after that.

      • J

        I’m surprised that so few companies are developing a80 tablets (or releasing information that they are. Thank you for such a quick response. And for honoring Robin Williams.

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