WordPress Fucks Up Again

Post Entry now looks like this:


1) They’ve taken away the Proofread button. That button has saved my ass from embarrassment more than once.

2) There’s no way to set a link to open in a New Window. WTF!

3) I can no longer grab links from past posts. This is was a critical new feature I used all the time.

4) Once a Draft is saved, HTML code is now vomited all over the text, making it very difficult to manually proofread.

5) Updating a Draft versus Publishing a post is confusing as hell. There’s no Save Draft button, just a stupid Preview button.

Why the hell didn’t they just give us back the UI we had before, with the non-expanding textarea? Why change the entire damn thing and make it less useful?

Until WordPress fixes all of this shit, you can expect posting to be slower and probably filled with typos I can’t catch without machine assistance.

Someone over there really needs a beating.

Same-day update: More Stupid!

1) They took away the upper left corner banner link I would click to jump to my blog.

2) The list of blog Categories is now like four times as long because they inserted stupid space between each category.

3) I still can’t figure out WTF is up with Draft versus Publish. Must I always go to Status to manually tell it to Publish?! Why don’t you just give us a damn Publish button again?!

Second same-day update:

And there was a typo in this post. Give me back the fucking Proofread button, you pack of Prozaced-up knobs! Do any of you use your own damn service?

Third same-day update:

Why the hell do my Previously Here links now have blank lines between them? Are you people nuts?!!!?

Fourth same-day update:

There’s no longer a way to make a post a Sticky!

I can’t work like this. I’m suspending all new posts until WordPress fixes all this shit.

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3 responses to “WordPress Fucks Up Again

  1. Keishon

    There’s a work around to this awful update in the forums, from timethief she said to do the following:
    Go to Dashboard > Posts > Add New
    https://mikecanex.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post-new.php and create new posts from there with proofread, etc. See if that works.

    • Yes, fakebaldur pointed that out to me minutes ago in Twitter. That puts me back with that fucking expanding textarea that I can’t work with. So I’m fucked EITHER way.

  2. WordPress always feels like it’s going to break when it goes to post to. It seems weird after being a live journal member for so long. Posts made up ong 99% text shouldn’t be a terror to post.

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