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Not Back Yet

Fourteen pages of complaints in their Support Forum about how WordPress made blogging more cumbersome finally produced a minimal result that enables me to do this post.

Unless you’re on my side of the screen, you won’t know what an absolute pain in the ass WordPress made of blogging with the changes they forced on us this week.

People who do short posts were never affected — and those people should go the hell to Tumblr, which is great for short posts. WordPress is meant for those who use words — and long posts became an absolute torment to create.

The default for posting is still this idiotic piece of shit:


To use the style preferred by people like me, I’ll have to create a frikkin Bookmark. But it was there that they made a change that ruined long posts. And the fix they’ve made is temporary. The change is undone every time Save Draft and Preview is invoked.

I do Save Draft a lot. And I do Preview a lot.

And each one undoes the fix and throws me back into Torment Mode. I can’t deal with that shit.

So, until WordPress makes the change permanent, I’m still not updating this joint.



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