In a Weibo communique, iLevon reveals some versions of MIUI 6 for some Xiaomi phones will be based on Android 4.1, not 4.4:


深夜说点米2的消息吧:米2的miui 6已经有了,基于安卓4.4的,但是效果很不理想,没法拿出来用。开发组为了米2,已经开始启动基于安卓4.1的miui 6适配计划了。基于4.1工作量大,难度也大,用户可能不会理解。每次看到有人骂miui工程师我就很替他们感到委屈,所以我尽量不说米2的消息,大家理解。

Google Translate:

Message 2 meters late at night to say something right: miui m 2 of 6 already have, based on Android 4.4, but the effect is far from ideal, can not come up with. For m 2 development team, has started based on Android 4.1 miui 6 adaptation plan. 4.1 based on workload, the difficulty is also large, the user may not understand. Every time I see someone criticize miui engineer for them to feel very frustrated, so I try not to say that the message two meters, we understand.

The pressure is clearly on, because he then cracks a bit:



Google Translate:

Some people come to me swear! Funny it, go to the forum to criticize Quguan Bo engineer to look, where you can tucao but do not show the lower limit, okay? So late reply you what I figure ah, go to sleep until two share point information is my fault? I want to share information but also to figure out you know some specific cases, not discouraged barrels, the official did not clear the message mentions two before, and do not like to take off, I do not care what number of fans!

People bug him. He just wants to keep people in the loop.

But he continues:


上条微博谢谢大家的支持,不一一回复了,谢谢你们!秋大会开始基于安卓4.4替论坛发烧友做米2/2s的miui 6,但肯定不如官方正式的稳定,可以关注下,官方正式版miui 6依然会基于4.1,这样大家就多了一个选择了,另外:秋大是小米员工,不是民间!

Google Translate:

On microblogging Thank you for your support, not to respond to, thank you! Autumn Assembly began on Android 4.4 for forum enthusiasts do m miui 2 / 2s of six, but certainly not as good as the official stable, you can focus on, the official version miui 6 will still be based on 4.1, so everyone would have a choice, the other : autumn big millet employees, not private!

So there will be two versions of MIUI 6? One based on Android 4.1 for the general public, and one based on 4.4 for people in the forum who are more technically adept? That’s what it sounds like via Google Translate.

As for MIUI 6, it might have some features that improve the user experience in comparison to 5, but as an outsider I just wasn’t impressed by what I saw. I hate Flat Design and 6 is full of Flat, with anorexic icons and buttons.


Android was Flat out of incompetency — no one at Google understood design, so the Flat was basically enforced minimalism that was then turned into Design by Matias Duarte. That this has since metastasized into something that’s spread to even iOS I find distressing.

As I said on Twitter during the weekend, if those who worship the philosophy of Flat were in charge of painting, this would be the end of all painting:


That’s a map of the world!

In fact, even comic books would look like that — because that’s the philosophy of Flat. (Heh, days after typing that, someone pointed me to this Doonesbury comic.)

Anyway, back to MIUI 6. The rumor that it would include split-screening was apparently wishful thinking. There’s no indication at all of split-screening in it — which means there’s nothing of the sort to look forward to on the MiPad with MIUI 6. A lost opportunity to frighten Samsung and to leap ahead of Apple.

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