Onda Tablet News Items

In a Weibo communique, Onda admits the V975w’s CPU issue …



#昂达Win8平板电脑#【CPU使用效率过高的解决方法】当CPU使用率达到100%,可能会导致电脑的运行变得缓慢,甚至死机,那要怎么解决问题呢?分享给身边的朋友看吧 [cc偷乐]

Google Translate:

# # [Onda Win8 tablet excessive CPU usage efficiency solutions] when CPU usage reaches 100%, may cause the computer to run slow, or even crash, it is up to how to solve the problem? Share with their friends and see [cc steal music]

(By the way, the “[cc steal music]” is Google Translatese of an animated emoticon that actually looks more like “snicker.”)

… and offers a guide to fixing it, inside Weibo, not at their site or forum, and all in Chinese:


Good luck!

In a Weibo communique, Onda announces the release of beta firmware 1.0.4 for the V989:



#昂达八核平板电脑# 【固件升级】#昂达V989八核#V1.0.4版测试版固件发布(全版本更新),新固件变化:1、优化游戏兼容性,含现代战争5等;2、增加极速模式,A15核芯启动运行,发挥8核最大性能;优化霍尔开关功能,支持带磁力皮套进行屏幕开关;优化功耗,使用时间增加10%!升级→http://t.cn/RPjYrxH

Google Translate:

# Onda eight-core Tablet PC # [] # Onda V989 Firmware upgrade eight nuclear # V1.0.4 firmware release beta version (full version updates), the new firmware changes: 1, optimized game compatibility, including modern warfare 5; 2, increase speed mode, A15 cores start to run, play 8-core for maximum performance; optimization hall switch function, supports a screen holster with magnetic switch; optimize the power consumption, the use of time increased by 10%! Upgrade → http: //t.cn/RPjYrxH

See the Onda forum post for more information [Google Translate].


IMP3Net reviews the Onda V975w [Google Translate]


PC Online reviews the Onda V975w [Google Translate].


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9 responses to “Onda Tablet News Items

  1. MocciJ

    Great news, they finally acknowledged it!
    BTW I finally decided in getting the v975w – it will probably come before this weekend. Even with those software problems it’s the one for me.

  2. MocciJ

    I finally received the tablet, but I already have to send it back to replacement because of screen issues (dodgy brightness because of connector probably). The seller didn’t even tried to make a packaging, the box has dents in every corner.
    Other than that it’s really promising!

    • I think the dodgy brightness is something others have seen too. Did you update the firmware first?

      • MocciJ

        It’s a pure hardware issue because the more I press the bottom bezel the more bright it become. It’s probably a loose connector as I said, and also the right speaker doesn’t seem to work. I guess it was how it was delivered.

  3. Mine is running very well since a few weeks (after image-recovering and updating etc.). Bluetooth seems buggy after all and wifi had a bad driver. It also seems that something is draining the battery also when its shut down. So after a few days the battery is empty.
    But the battery lasts a long time when the tablet is running.
    I also never had the CPU usage issue.

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