Teclast Tablet News Items

In a Weibo communique, Teclast expects people to manually flash the X98 Air to Windows 8.1?



#台电X98 Air刷Win8.1教程#一切尽在不言中……小台收到风声第一时间发布……大家都懂的!请大家默默感谢万能的网友,详细教程链接:http://t.cn/RPjFHNG

Google Translate:

# Taipower X98 Air Brush Win8.1 Tutorial # nothing at all …… small station got wind of the first time released …… we know everything! Please silently thank the Almighty users, detailed tutorial link: http: //t.cn/RPjFHNG

As usual, they point to their forum and a post with locked content [link to drop into Bing Translator].

I hope this is just for early buyers of the X98 Air. Teclast really needs to release a Windows edition of it, as they have for the X89HD.

Meanwhile, PadHz has published all of that in the clear [Google Translate].

In a Weibo communique, Teclast talks about the upcoming P98 Air:



感谢台风们对#台电P98 Air八核#的关注,关于#台电P98 Air八核#台风们所关注的几点问题(包括产品上市时间、购买渠道、为何晚上市等问题),下图都做了详情的解答,请亲们查看下图了解详情或点击:http://t.cn/RPQ0qNP

Google Translate:

Thanks typhoons are concerned about the # # Taipower P98 Air eight-core, and on several issues # Taipower P98 Air eight-core # typhoon ‘concerns (including time to market, purchase channels, such as why the city at night problem), do the following figure the details of the answer, please parents who see the chart for details or click: http: //t.cn/RPQ0qNP

Teclast has set up a forum page answering questions about the new P98 Air — plop it into Bing Translator to read. It goes on pre-sale soon but price is not yet set.


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  1. j

    It looks like the pre-sale was basically a drawing to sell 5 betas for approx 100 dollars I wish I could have been a part of it but it ended today. I am very interested in this one

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