The Chinese Surface Mini?

In a Weibo communique, Vido teased the stylus-enabled W8S tablet:




Google Translate:

# New # W8S original road is a use intel chip Win8 Tablet PC with handwriting electromagnetic pen, with the handwritten original handwriting function. Small partners know the original handwriting handwriting tablet and not the original handwriting handwriting tablet What is the biggest difference between the right [thinking]


In a second Weibo communique, Vido added:



#原道新品#原道W8S采用8英寸IPS显示屏,内置WCDMA 3G模块。5G WiFi, 配备精美的电磁笔,可以在W8S的屏幕上进行流畅、精准地书写[给力] ,如此强大的Windows平板[威武] ,你想要吗[疑问]

Google Translate:

# Original # original Road W8S Road New 8-inch IPS display, built-in WCDMA 3G module. 5G WiFi, electromagnetic pen with a fine can be fluent in the W8S screen, precise writing [to power], so powerful Windows Tablet [mighty], you want to do [questions]


More information at IMP3Net [Google Translate and Google Translate].

Everyone who wanted a Surface Mini, well, this could be the substitute — with the possibility of 3G too (3G compatibility not guaranteed outside of China).


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One response to “The Chinese Surface Mini?

  1. Manfred

    It doesn’t look perfect, but I’d probably be in for about $200.

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