Xiaomi MiPad News Items

In a Weibo communique the Xiaomi MiPad account treats us to unboxing photos of the yellow MiPad.


[给力] 福利来啦!柠檬黄#小米平板#美图欣赏,社区米粉Cavill王子 开箱实拍!淡粉色板板,『小米网』正敞开销售中!想要来一台的请转发示意![转发] http://t.cn/RvP3lDq

Google Translate:

[To force] benefits coming! Lemon # # Mito enjoy flat millet, rice Cavill community prince out of the box real shot! Pale pink plate board, “Millet Network” are open sale! Please wants to come forward a schematic! [Forward] http://t.cn/RvP3lDq

Heh. They call it “Lemon” colored. I don’t think they understand what “lemon” connotes in American English.










What I don’t understand is how the 16GB MiPad can have yellow but not the 64GB one. Aren’t the dimensions the same? It seems to me both models should have colors simultaneously — unless this is some very, very stupid marketing trick by Xiaomi.

As for that plastic back, I tried the iPhone 5c yesterday. Yecch. That plastic is an unfortunate choice. Jon Ive might be “unapologetic” about it, but I sure feel sorry that Xiaomi copied it!

In a Weibo communique, Xiaomi tells how to access Developer Mode on the MiPad:


#玩转小米平板#【小米平板常用小教程(一)】1. 开启开发者选项:连续点击『MIUI版本』;2. 抓取系统日志:连续点击『处理器』;3. 进行硬件检测:连续点击『关于平板』;4. 桌面快捷整理……其实你还能更了解板板,[害羞] 转发说说你还希望了解哪些呢?http://t.cn/RvP3lDq

Google Translate:

# Fun # [millet millet flat plate used small tutorial (a)] an open developer options: Continuous click “MIUI version”; 2 capture system log: Continuous click “processor”; 3 hardware testing.: continuous click the “About tablet”; 4 desktop shortcut finishing …… In fact, you can learn more about plate board, [shy] forwards you also want to know what to talk about it? http://t.cn/RvP3lDq

Unfortunately, that link just goes to the Xiaomi site to pimp the MiPad and not to their forum for more info. Here’s the Weibo graphic:


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