Call With A Teclast X98 3G

In a Weibo communiqué, Teclast states voice calls can be made with its X98 3G tablet:



#台电平板#Win 8系统的x89/98等型号平板也可以实现打电话功能!感谢台风无私奉献!详情猛戳:

Google Translate:

# Taipower flat #Win x89 / 98 and other types of flat 8 system call function can also be achieved! Thanks typhoon dedication! Details Mengchuo: http: //


I’m not sure what any of this means — and it doesn’t help that Teclast again links to a forum post with locked content.



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6 responses to “Call With A Teclast X98 3G

  1. The thread is basically about how you can use Skype, QQ and other messengers to make phone calls. It’s not that the device has telephony capabilities per se as it goes all through Wifi or 3g. Nothing to see there.

  2. John T

    Does anyone know exactly which game sensor is missing from this tablet? I read somewhere that while stores advertise all sensors available, it’s missing the tilt for games, or something like that. The X98 is the only tablet that interests me (gps…woohoo), next to the new Nexus (which will cost almost double the price). Thanks.

  3. Leo

    I wonder, is there any sure fire method to check if these Chinese tablets have deliberate malware on them sending data back to China? netstat? It would be great if a list of tablets could be compiled detailing what malware they have on and whether it is baked into the firmware and therefore un-removable.

    Seems like a huge issue for western customers.

    • I think if malware were on them, it would have been discovered in the last year. Only one phone was discovered with deliberate malware, AFAIK, and IIRC, it was bought off ebay, maybe used.

      The Xiaomi “scandal” is something else entirely.

  4. apeh benedict

    There no icon for makeing call on teclast x98 3g

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