Onda V975w: Fixing Bluetooth

In a Weibo communiqué, Onda has given instructions on how to fix Bluetooth on the V975w when it disappears.

But good luck …

… the instructions are in Chinese:


Previously here:

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3 responses to “Onda V975w: Fixing Bluetooth

  1. Yeah, it says to “show Bluetooth icon in the notification area”
    That setting totally doesn’t make it work. It’s been on since I got the tablet. Makes no difference at all.

    We just need an app that looks to see if a device is present and connected, and then just holds the radio on until we disconnect it or put the tablet to sleep, like ZeeMouse does for some gamepad like my Moga or iCade controller.
    That would provide somewhat expected behavior for Bluetooth.

    • tordie

      You just have to deactivate the bluetooth standby. Its an option of windows. Dont allow windows to turn of Bluetooth and eveything works fine…

      • That’s not acceptable however, as it will keep Bluetooth on in standby, rapidly draining battery.
        Other tablets like the Asus T100 do not suffer from this.

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