Teclast X98 Air: iambillbil Appearance Evaluation


Over at the IMP3Net forum, iambillbil has the Teclast X98 Air, an Intel Z3735D-based tablet with a Retina-class 9.7-inch screen that can run either Android or Windows [Google Translate].

This is basically Teclast doing its own version of the Onda V975i and w.


There’s some locked content I can’t access at the moment due to screwing up logging into IMP3Net (it seems they give people one shot to get it right and then push them away for hours before retrying). It’s not bound to be important — but if there’s anything noteworthy, I’ll do another post to highlight it.

Right now, iambillbil notes that the screen brightness is noticeably lower than the X98 3G — which gives it a longer battery life. There’s also something about the Power button but Google Translate renders it too ambiguous. Note that it lacks an HDMI-out port.

He has the Android version — which might be the only version. It seems that Teclast will expect customers to flash Windows 8.1 to it, unlike the smaller X89HD tablet that comes in two versions (Android, Windows).

If iambillbil sticks to his usual format, there will be additional posts that will completely evaluate the machine. Since it’s very similar to the Onda tablet, there shouldn’t be any surprises.

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10 responses to “Teclast X98 Air: iambillbil Appearance Evaluation

  1. The lock content can be unlocked just replying a few words on the forum… stupid, but it’s like that!

  2. David E

    I ordered mine from Aliexpress last Tuesday and it arrived in Sydney Australia customs yesterday (Saturday). Looking forward to receiving it tomorrow. I am upgrading from an iFive Mini3 which has been great.

    Some sellers were offering it with Windows 8.1 for an extra charge, but I figure there’s still a few bugs with the drivers. I can experiment later. I like the keyboard case that Iambillbil’s review showed. I might try and track one down.

    • I have mine on Windows 8.1 and i didn’t find any problem with the drivers. it does look way better everything on windows 8.1. I have received mine with android and immediately flashed win8.1. i advise you to jumb the boat

      • David E

        Thanks for the advice Miguel. Which instructions did you use to flash it with ? There are a few bbs’s and a few sets of instructions floating around the web.

  3. plor

    at which store did you buy David ?

    • David E

      I bought from Apex Group (Justin Gan). I also bought my iFive mini3 from him and had the same fast delivery. He’s not perfect, but at least he only advertises what he has in stock (or available). Some of the other places make promises, and then keep you waiting for weeks until they drop ship it from a wholesaler.

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  5. Michael M.

    Sorry for replying to an older post – the top photo being the reason.
    I ordered Air II windows version with standard case and I’d also like to order a fitting keyboard. My preference would be bluetooth keyboard that works as a case.
    If thats impossible then a not too expensive folding bluetooth keyboard that would come with a holder for tablet.. Otg keyboards of any kind would be my last choice .
    I found a keyboard on aliexpress that is very similar-looking to the one from the top picture of this post. It seems to be bluetooth and case – although im not quite sure it if can properly hold the tablet in place when closed.
    I’d be very glad if you could help me choose some kind of good solution.
    (Also if it’s reasonably possible to run BT 4.0 LE under win8.1 on Air II, it could be a nice choice to have a keyboard supporting that -probably overkill though) Also if you have some experience with powerbanks that could charge this tablet at least close to 2 times .(Xiaomi 10400 mAh sure won’t and i doubt the new 16000 mAh variant will either)
    Thank you in advance for your prompt reply,

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