R.I.P. Eric Garner



Today is the big protest in my Hood against the police death of Eric Garner.

1) It was claimed Eric Garner sold someone illegal cigarettes. Yet the buyer wasn’t arrested.

2) Cops lie all the time. We’ve seen that over and over with the Occupy movement, where video evidence have shown cops have blatantly lied. So I don’t believe the cop’s claim.

3) The cop had a history with Garner. He knew Garner was an easy pinch. He also knew Garner was non-violent.

4) People bring up Garner’s prior arrests. Some of these are what we’d call bullshit arrests: Possessing a small amount of marijuana, possessing cigarettes not taxed in New York State, selling cigarettes not taxed in New York State. Had our scummy prior Mayor and his City Council stooges not raised the cigarette tax to one of the highest in the nation, they wouldn’t have created this type of “crime.”

5) The cop who put Garner in a chokehold wanted to be violent.

6) There was no reason to subdue Garner at that moment. Five — even ten — minutes of more talking could have effected an arrest without any death or injury. That cops believe they just have to snap their damn fingers and people must hop to obey in cases like this — where no violence is involved — is ridiculous. Let me repeat: Cops lie all the time. According to Garner, the cop was lying in this instance. Let me repeat: Why wasn’t the buyer arrested? How can there be an asymmetrical crime where selling is illegal but buying isn’t? Why aren’t judges throwing out cases where no buyers have also been arrested?

7) If possessing cigarettes not taxed in New York State is a crime, then all the daily commuters who bring them in from their homes in New Jersey and Connecticut must also be arrested.

8) If I had my way, I’d nullify all “crimes” dealing with cigarettes, roll back the stupid taxes, and I’d want to see the officer fired and convicted of negligent homicide.

Eric Garner didn’t need to die.



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2 responses to “R.I.P. Eric Garner

  1. Needs to be said… I’ve rarely (if ever) had a good experience with cops. Always saw them as thugs. Very wary of them. I remember when I was fifteen, old man was selling the house…. cop comes to look with his family… sees all my music gear and says “Where did you get this, you have receipts?” … He wanted me to bite, start on him….he was looking for trouble.

    I’d worked hard collecting football coupons (UK gambling) to get money for guitars, amps, and recording gear… This guy is looking to buy a house, but didn’t like the look of me, and started up…. That was a mild run in with the law, I should add… but it sums up the attitude…

    I’ve even helped people out, done the police a favour basically, then the cops turn up late in the day and start on you for no reason whatsoever.

  2. Thanks for bringing attention to this sad and ridiculous death! Cops need to be held accountable.

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