Samsung Galaxy S III AnTuTu 5B1

I just want to plop this in here so I can always find it.



There wasn’t much difference with AnTuTu 4.x, that I ran just before it. 4.x gave a score of 14,502.

I’ve been investigating cheap phones and there are two from Blu that are interesting, using the octa quad-core MediaTek 6582 CPU. They generally get an AnTuTu 4.x score in the 17,000-range. Well, they’re cheap. But now deliver more power than the neighbor’s Samsung phone. So there’s that.

And to pre-empt suggestions: Don’t tell me to investigate phones direct from China. I’ve been doing that too. Finding ones with the frequencies I want is just maddening. I’ll stick with ones made specifically for — and sold in — the American market.


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  1. E.T.

    Note that some Blu devices are based on Gionee’s. Compare for example the specs of Blu Vivo IV, which has quite reasonable specs, with the Gionee Elife S5.5 or S5.5L. The frequencies may change and I don’t think you can use the same Roms but you can compare prices.
    I’d also consider LG’s last year flagship, the G2, with 32GB if you can get it at a comparable price to a newer budget phone.

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