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Five Cancels iFive Mini 4 Feature

In a post at the 5Fans forum, Five announces a design change to the 32GB version of the iFive Mini 4: The “magnetic induction” sensor will not be included.

Someone asks if that means the magnet that lets a cover put it to sleep and wake it up. Someone else replies that it means the Compass.

Google Translate, original Chinese (drop into Bing Translator).

Prior iFive Mini 4 posts.



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Launder Alert! Onda V989 Review Written By Onda

Some people might run across this “review” and wonder why I haven’t linked to it [Google Translate].

The reason is that it’s written by Onda itself.

It’s been posted elsewhere and is clearly Onda press material.

eReadCN previously posted another “review” of the Onda V989 and I didn’t believe that one, either.

So ignore this new “review.”

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Reader Alert: Hit “Older Posts”

This blog’s template sticks ten posts at a time on the front.

Today is one of those rare days when I’ll be doing more than ten posts in a day.

So to see everything, when getting to the bottom of the scroll, hit the “Older posts” link.

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Teclast Describes Android 4.4 Split-Screening

In press material picked up by several Chinese sites (IMP3Net among them), Teclast described how its exclusive split-screening feature in Android 4.4 operates [Google Translate].

Split-screening is toggled on and off from the pulldown Settings menu:


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Ramos To Do Small Windows Tablet

September 1st, Ramos will be introducing new products based on Intel CPUs. We know of two tablet designations: the i7s and the i9s.


Today PadHz gleaned some information about the i7s from an online store leak [Google Translate].

Using a Bay Trail CR Z3735G processor with a peak frequency of 1.83GHz, the i7s will have a 1280 x 800 seven-inch(!?) screen, 3G, GPS, Android overlaid with the “Le Frog” UI, and offer either the option of flashing to Windows 8.1 or a separate version with it pre-installed. RAM and internal storage are unknown.

More will be known at its introduction. In the meantime, PadHz has a photo of what looks like a case for it.


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Voice Dictation: Android, iOS, Windows Phone


I like that Android doesn’t require a network connection.

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Counterfeiting Strikes Chinese Power Banks

Xiaomi is a victim of counterfeiting, with a TV news report revealing a “cottage” operation assembling fake Xiaomi power banks:


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Xiaomi MiPad: 64GB Model Gets More Colors


Green and yellow.

Why is blue the last color?

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Teclast Releases Android 4.4 For The X98 3G

In a Weibo communiqué, Teclast announces a firmware upgrade for the X98 3G:


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Chuwi VX8 3G Shown Doing Windows 8.1

In a Weibo communiqué, Chuwi shows the VX8 3G tablet being flashed to Windows 8.1:


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