Counterfeiting Strikes Chinese Power Banks

Xiaomi is a victim of counterfeiting, with a TV news report revealing a “cottage” operation assembling fake Xiaomi power banks:


In a Weibo communiqué, Xiaomi repeats that it complies with all the relevant regulations regarding such equipment and reminds customers to purchase only through authorized Xiaomi channels.

Xiaomi isn’t the only company that’s been victimized. Fake power banks are actually a safety threat. There have been reports of them bursting into flame on crowded public transport!

Never, ever buy cheap recharging equipment, whether it’s a USB AC adapter or a recharging battery. Stay away from “bargain” replacement batteries too. There’s a reason why branded ones are often expensive — they go through extensive manufacturing checks to ensure safety. Counterfeiters are able to dodge liability when something goes dangerously wrong.

Same-day update: Evolife has a post with an embedded GIF animation from the TV program showing a power bank bursting into flames [Google Translate]!



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6 responses to “Counterfeiting Strikes Chinese Power Banks

  1. Martin

    They probably didn’t know about counterfeiting in that part of the world..its sad they found that about it.

  2. princehifi

    Counterfeit does not necessarily mean unsafe — the only party getting burned here may be Xiaomi.

  3. Martin

    I know i know,I was trying to be sarcastic about it ,but my bad english some time did not work..

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