Ramos To Do Small Windows Tablet

September 1st, Ramos will be introducing new products based on Intel CPUs. We know of two tablet designations: the i7s and the i9s.


Today PadHz gleaned some information about the i7s from an online store leak [Google Translate].

Using a Bay Trail CR Z3735G processor with a peak frequency of 1.83GHz, the i7s will have a 1280 x 800 seven-inch(!?) screen, 3G, GPS, Android overlaid with the “Le Frog” UI, and offer either the option of flashing to Windows 8.1 or a separate version with it pre-installed. RAM and internal storage are unknown.

More will be known at its introduction. In the meantime, PadHz has a photo of what looks like a case for it.



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10 responses to “Ramos To Do Small Windows Tablet

  1. Filetes

    Perfect size: 8.9 inch
    Perfect aspect ratio: 3:2 (like Surface 3)
    Perfect OS: Android AND Win8.1

    Plus: retina, GPS, SD, …

  2. princehifi

    I intend to buy a 7-inch Windows tablet. Maybe more than one. For mobile applications.

  3. All windows 8 tablets with screen sizes less than 9 inches.
    Do I have them all?
    Toshiba Encore 7
    Toshiba Encore 8
    Toshiba Encore 2 8
    Dell Venue 8 Pro
    Asus Vivotab Note 8
    Acer Iconia W3
    Acer Iconia W4
    Lenovo Miix 2
    Lenovo Thinkpad 8
    Fujitsu ARROWS Tab Q335/K
    Emdoor EM-i8080
    Kingsing W8
    Panasonic Toughpad FZ-M1
    Inventec Lyon
    Ramos i8 Pro
    Aava Tarox Craftab
    Croma 1179
    Unanounced HP mini
    Unanounced Surface Mini
    VOYO Winpad A1 Mini
    FNF Fine8 Work Tablet
    Cube iWork8
    Unanounced Dell Venue 8 Pro 2
    7-inch IRA IW
    8-inch IRA IW
    Teclast x89HD
    Lenovo Miix 3-830
    Ainol Inovo8
    Vido Road W8
    Vido Road W9
    Cube Inhuman 7-inch
    Pipo Work-W2
    Hagile mopa 7-inch
    HEXA 8-inch
    Archos 8-inch
    Ramos i7
    Chuwi VX8 3G
    Vietnam 8-inch retina
    Livefan 8-inch
    PH102 Basic edition
    Colorfly i803
    Vido W8S

  4. HEXA http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/news/press/2014/aug14/08-25royalcaribbeanpr.aspx recently announced
    I can’t remember the Hagile tablet
    Yeah I meant the Rosa tablet

  5. Too many of them still remember when there was only five now I can’t figure out which one I should get but I’ll have to wait for IFA 2014 for the lenovo miix 3 and other new devices and see if they’re worth the higher price.

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