Teclast Describes Android 4.4 Split-Screening

In press material picked up by several Chinese sites (IMP3Net among them), Teclast described how its exclusive split-screening feature in Android 4.4 operates [Google Translate].

Split-screening is toggled on and off from the pulldown Settings menu:


This adds a new icon to the bottom Commandbar:


That indicates that split-screening is active and allows a quick switch between split-screen and fullscreen.

It works in both landscape and portrait mode:


And the panes can be resized — just like with Microsoft Windows 8:


It looks to me like a trip to the Home screen (tUI lacks an App Drawer, placing all app icons on one layer, like iOS) is required first to choose what gets split on screen:


Dragging in from the side will split the Home screen and then an app in each pane can be launched.

It’s difficult for me to see how that’s going to work. How does the system distinguish between the two panes when the Home button is pressed to quit and launch a different app? How can it tell which one is the active pane? Maybe the user has to toggle to fullscreen first to quit an app? I still can’t work that out in my head but I suppose it’d be evident to someone actually using it.

When is Google going to wake up and add this or full-blown multiwindowing capability to Android? So far, the Chinese — Rockchip — have gone beyond even Samsung in pushing Android to its limits. Does Google intend to wait until Apple does it with iOS before finally acknowledging it’s something that needs to be done? Where the hell is the leadership in that?

I’m not fond of Teclast slathering the iOS-like tUI over Android, but I have to give them credit for adding split-screening. Rockchip finally has some domestic competition in pushing Android forward.

Previously here:

Teclast Adds Split-Screening To Android


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