Teclast Releases Android 4.4 For The X98 3G

In a Weibo communiqué, Teclast announces a firmware upgrade for the X98 3G:



关于神器#台电X98 3G#后续固件升级预告!详情点击下图,或猛戳→_→http://t.cn/RPdG7k1


About Artifact # Taipower X98 3G # subsequent firmware upgrade notice! For more details, click below, or Mengchuo → _ → http: //t.cn/RPdG7k1


This is where the trouble begins.

It seems they’re announcing an update to an update.

This forum post is about the latest update. Drop that URL into Bing Translator.

But within that post is the notice for the update to Android 4.4 [Bing Translator] — which might need to be applied first. And that post is also locked and requires registration at the forum.

The Chinese-to-English is very confusing and I’m not even going to take more of a guess than I have already. Perhaps at some point cngadget will tackle this topic and post about it in sensible English.

Same-day update: It seems the first post is additional information about the Android 4.4 update, not an update to it. In other words, it’s information Teclast left out of the original post announcing Android 4.4 for the X98 3G.

With Teclast now having an English-language site and pushing the fact their tablets can now be easily bought outside of China via Jingdong, they’re going to have to start posting about these things in English. Expecting people to deal with machine translation is just customer abuse.



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2 responses to “Teclast Releases Android 4.4 For The X98 3G

  1. anonymouse8-)

    What is the difference between version hkc1 and hkc2 and hkc3?

  2. I’ve just finished an update tutorial. I’ve published it in XDA, so feel free to add the link if you wish; http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=55072910&postcount=253

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