Forever: Episode One


Clearly this is a calculated leak by ABC to try to build buzz for the series.

Forget it.

This is broadcast network TV.

Worse: This is Disney-owned broadcast network TV.

Which means if you expect something exciting, unpredictable, or even mildly human, you can forget it.

And you can forget this.

An open chest cavity …


… and a post-mortem Y-suture …


… is about as “adult” and “cutting edge” as this gets.

The premise is a rip-off of Captain Scarlet — there’s even someone from the British side of the pond as the star — with the protagonist being someone who dies in every(?) episode yet returns to life (in the case of this series, he resurrects in a body of water — which is where he was first “killed”). (We are never told exactly how his dead body disappears and winds up in water. Because This Is Stupid.)

This has All The Network Clichés. Being a Medical Examiner — because he needs to know Why He Can’t Die — we also get the obligatory detective, who doesn’t resemble or behave like any real NYPD one.

And we can’t have a protagonist on his own because that would promote “anti-social values,” so we get …


… for which I’m sorry for his career, but who can forget Independence Day? And more humiliatingly, Sharknado 2? At least in this he reminds us he has talent — but again, who can forget …

… but you can forget this.

So network. Much Disney. Very cliché.

Quick cancel.

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