Meizu iPad Mini Clone Tablet?

I don’t follow Meizu on Weibo and don’t pay much attention to news items about them. I know the buzz is that there’s fierce competition between Meizu and Xiaomi but the rest of it I don’t care about.

Anyway, iLevon — who works at Xiaomi on MIUI — sent out this Weibo communiqué today. It’s difficult, through the fog of Google Translate, to tell if he’s being serious or not:



魅族发布会邀请函每块拼图的尺寸是86mm x 51mm,那四块拼到一起就是172mm x 102mm(组成一个完正的Flyme 4.0界面),对角线则为199.9mm,正好是7.9英寸,与iPad mini 尺寸一致,难道这次发布会会有魅族平板?

Google Translate:

Meizu conference invitations each puzzle size is 86mm x 51mm, the four fight together is 172mm x 102mm (consisting of a complete positive Flyme 4.0 interface), diagonal was 199.9mm, is just 7.9 inches, and iPad mini same size, is this conference will Meizu tablet?

If a tablet is coming, will it resemble the one in this image from Meizu’s Bigertech subsidiary?


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