Two Videos Of The Teclast X98 Air

One ripped from Youku — it’s actually Teclast’s promo video — and an unboxing in German, after the break.

By Teclast:

The German one is upside-down:

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10 responses to “Two Videos Of The Teclast X98 Air

  1. German

    I know German and the guy doesn’t say anything noteworthy besides that his first impression is good but the UI can be stuttery which he hopes will get fixed in a future update.

  2. tefri

    comment to the german one:
    At the end he sys its running relativly smooth but it stutters a little bit here and there and he hopes this gets fixed with coming firmware. Also he will post another video tomorrow.

  3. tefri

    by the way heres the link to german teclast board, use google translate and you can get the reviews and infos.

  4. David E

    The German reviewer had installed the Nova launcher. The tablet comes standard with all the Chinese apps (lots of them) on the front screen without a separate app folder. Nova improves the look and feel immensely.

    The screen is bright and very clear. I have to agree with Iambillbil in his review that the minimum screen brightness is still too bright for low light conditions. My son has had to install a screen dimming app so he doesn’t light up the lecture theater at uni.

    I found the tablet smooth. It did stutter when loading some web pages. I put this down to the mediocre wifi strength. It’s fine when located near the router, but suffers when moved several rooms away.

  5. Adam R

    What about rooting with stock 4.4?

  6. Zamfir

    David E, if you have the Teclast Air already, can you tell us anything about battery life when doing mild tasks, like web-browsing? That uncertainty is stopping me from buying Intel+android tablets, it would be a great help to have some hands-on info for this model.

    • David E

      Zamfir – I don’t know if you will see this, but, I have only run it down completely for the first time last night. The “screen on” time was about 5 hours 40 minutes. This has to be considered alongside the off charger time of 1 day 22 hours.

      It’s not great compared to other brands, but I’ll give it few more charges/discharges and see if it improves.

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