Weird: Android Teclast X98 3G Also Running Windows 8.1

Someone ripped a Youku video and posted it to YouTube.

It seems to show the Android-based Teclast X98 3G running Windows 8.1 — as an app.


It’s a regular Android 4.2.2-based Teclast X98 3G:


Home screen:


And that app icon:


That when pressed does this:



But the odd Windows 8.1 is not scaled properly:



Charms Bar:


Pressing the Settings — Question Mark tile …


… brings up this:



And pressing one of those brings up this:


Windows 8.1 appears as a running app:


Screen draw problem when returning to it:


Desktop wallpaper …


… but no Desktop icons or Status Bar.

I have no idea what’s going on here. Does anyone? Perhaps the Chinese tech press will pick this up and provide an explanation.

The Teclast X98 3G uses an Intel CPU, so it’s no surprise it can do Windows 8.1. It’s just not supposed to do it as an app. Teclast offers Windows 8.1 firmware to replace Android.

Now the video:

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5 responses to “Weird: Android Teclast X98 3G Also Running Windows 8.1

  1. Michael

    It can be just remote desktop.

  2. Eric

    Its possible to back android after install Windows?

  3. John T

    I just ordered the Android version of the X98 3G. Some Apps, like the Belkin WeMo App, are only available on Android & iOS, so I had to go with Android. And I had to get the 3G version, for the GPS functionality.

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