WordPress Pushing Its Bullshit Again

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After a week of battling WordPress to get the old editor functionality back, they have the nerve to advertise their new shit editor that no one in their right mind wants!

If WordPress kills the old editor and leaves us only with the new shit one, I will leave WordPress and probably never blog again.

You have all been warned.

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5 responses to “WordPress Pushing Its Bullshit Again

  1. “…I will leave WordPress and probably never blog again.” <– That would be sad.

  2. Ian

    I fully agree with Laura. The fact that WordPress has been contaminated with marketing morons who don’t know sh*t from shinola should not be the end of a great blog.
    You are our statue of liberty for the tablet/smartphone early market reviews: in one hand an (Onda?) tablet, in the other the burning torch to bless or curse it ;^)
    Don’t act like WordPress and threat to abandon your followers, you will be greatly missed and that would be a serious loss for tabletmankind.


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