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September 2014 Tech Calendar

Sticky post. Scroll down one for new posts.

1st – Ramos tablets Ramos Announces Three Tablets

2nd – Meizu tablet Meizu: New Phone, No Tablet

3rd – Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Video: Samsung Galaxy Note 4

4th – Lenovo No post; nothing of interest to me

5th-7th – IFA trade show (various) Zzzzz … nada.

9th – Apple iPhone 6 Plus: A Screen That’s Not Magical, Apple Watch: I Don’t Care

10th – T-Mobile Uncarrier 7.0 T-Mobile Is Badass

16th- ZTE ZTE Announces US$250 5.7-Inch Phone

Will add others as needed.

Being listed here doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll do a post.



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Chuwi VX8 3G, Pipo W2 Get Reviews

Yesky: Chuwi VX8 3G [Google Translate]. This suspiciously reads like it was done by a marketing person.

Yesky: Pipo W2 [Google Translate].

PC Online: Pipo W2 [Google Translate].

Previously here:

Chuwi VX8 3G Shown Doing Windows 8.1
Chuwi Touts GPS Of VX8 3G
Chuwi VX8 3G: Windows 8.1 Edition
Chuwi Announces It Will Offer Windows 8.1 Tablets Too
Chuwi VX8 3G: Intel Inside, Samsung Outside
Pipo Work-W2 Unboxed, Benchmarked
Pipo Work-W2 “2/32″ Windows 8.1 Tablet Released
Pipo W2 Tablet Goes On Pre-Sale
Pipo Announces Windows Tablet, Rewrites Entire Market

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The Big Tech War In China Right Now

Ever since Smartisan announced its T1 phone, a controversy has exploded.

I haven’t been reading about any of it but I can’t help but catch glimpses of the ongoing war as I hop from one Chinese tech site to another.

This has gotten very ugly, with war even breaking out on Weibo. One guy, yesterday, ended his anti-Smartisan CEO Weibo with, “I despise you!” That’s how bad it’s become.

Google Translate renders this into gibberish, but I’m still plopping it in here because I might need to return to it at a future date [Google Translate].

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Book About Xiaomi: 180,000 In Print

According to a Weibo communiqué, the book about Xiaomi (which is not, in fact, written by Lei Jun — he did just the preface) has 180,000 copies in print.


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Onda V989 Version 2.0 Firmware Beta

In a Weibo communiqué, Onda announces a beta test for version 2.0 firmware for the V989:


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AnTuTu Version 5 Released

In a Weibo communiqué, AnTuTu Labs announces the release of version 5:


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Onda Forum Now Has An App

In a Weibo communiqué, Onda announces an app for their forum:


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Busted: How The Onda V989 Gets Its Unbelievable AnTuTu Score

Thanks to zs in Comments for pointing to a post that forensically analyzes the Onda V989 and reveals how it gets its incredible — and fraudulent — AnTuTu score [Google Translate].

So after the root, began to run antutu future use

setprop sys.quickmode 0

Forced to make it valid, a miracle happened

antutu 4.5.2 scores dropped from 55,000 to 33,000, almost halved the time to run sub-

Onda — or likely platform supplier Allwinner — modified one of the Android system files!

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