AnTuTu Version 5 Released

In a Weibo communiqué, AnTuTu Labs announces the release of version 5:



安兔兔发V5.0 版本更新内容;–增加CPU单线程测试 –增加32/64位CPU性能测试 –将图形测试引擎更换为真正的游戏引擎:Cocos2D、Havok Vision –增加HTML5测试 –改进总分计算方式 下载地址:

Google Translate:

An updated version V5.0 Bunny Fat content; – increased CPU single-threaded test – increase 32/64 CPU performance tests – tests the graphics engine replacement for the real game engine: Cocos2D, Havok Vision – increasing the HTML5 test – Improved score calculation Download: http: //

If it’s not yet in the Google Play store, it soon will be.

Or the APK can be downloaded directly via this link.

Now everything needs to be scored again…

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