Book About Xiaomi: 180,000 In Print

According to a Weibo communiqué, the book about Xiaomi (which is not, in fact, written by Lei Jun — he did just the preface) has 180,000 copies in print.



#读客图书特大喜讯#恭喜小米新书《参与感:小米口碑营销内部手册》上市仅15天,发货量破18万册!小米成立4年来,首次出书。@雷军 亲笔作序,小米联合创始人@黎万强 著!互联网转型第一教科书、工具书、参考书、扫盲书、拐杖书、必读书……随手转发这条微博,随机送书50本!每天送5本,连送10天!转!

Google Translate:

# Read off the books great news # Congratulations millet book “sense of participation: word of mouth marketing millet internal Manual” listed only 15 days, breaking the 180,000 shipments! Millet was founded four years ago, the first time a book. @ LEI handwritten preface, co-founder of @ Liwan Jiang millet with! Internet transformation of the first textbooks, reference books, reference books, literacy books, crutches book, required reading …… readily forwarded this microblogging randomly send the book 50! Send five a day, even sent 10 days! Turn!


That’s in less than a month.

And probably doesn’t count eBook sales.

When is an American publisher going to pick it up and an translate it into English?

Previously here:

The Story Of Xiaomi By Lei Jun

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