Busted: How The Onda V989 Gets Its Unbelievable AnTuTu Score

Thanks to zs in Comments for pointing to a post that forensically analyzes the Onda V989 and reveals how it gets its incredible — and fraudulent — AnTuTu score [Google Translate].

So after the root, began to run antutu future use

setprop sys.quickmode 0

Forced to make it valid, a miracle happened

antutu 4.5.2 scores dropped from 55,000 to 33,000, almost halved the time to run sub-

Onda — or likely platform supplier Allwinner — modified one of the Android system files!

Note that this is with Android 4.5.2. AnTuTu X isn’t mentioned nor AnTuTu version 5 Beta 1.

But perhaps this fraud can subvert all versions of AnTuTu?

As I said regarding the fraudulent AnTuTu score of the CUBE Talk9X, this cheating is ridiculous.

This latest generation of tablets is far superior to the prior one in terms of computing strength. It doesn’t matter if the tablet is using an Intel Bay Trail, Rockchip, MediaTek, or Allwinner CPU — in most cases, people should find them to provide generally satisfactory experiences.

If all of them have AnTuTu scores generally near between 29,000-33,000, there’s really little difference between them other than what they can natively handle in terms of video playback. What becomes most important is vendor support (Android update speed), hardware build quality, and battery life.


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11 responses to “Busted: How The Onda V989 Gets Its Unbelievable AnTuTu Score

  1. Of course…This underclock the tablet..Come on Mike…You are very smart people…HaHaHa…

    • ? Underclocks? So he’s wrong?

      • space

        Possibly – unless the CPU frequency during benchmark execution is checked, there’s a chance that setting quickmode to 0 causes the CPU to reduce maximum frequency. That score is too low otherwise – the a15/a7 combination should be marginally faster than the Snapdragon 801, at least, as demonstrated by a number of benchmarks comparing the Exynos -variant Galaxy S5 to the Snapdragon variant.

    • Marcus

      A quick googling of “setprop sys.quickmode” does not yield anything. This suggest that it is a A80 specific build property.

  2. Mike i have the Onda v989 v3.The tablet is rocket…Much faster than my son Ipad Air.
    The antutu scores is 53000-54000 and antutu x 62000-63500.The Onda not cheating.
    The scores is to high because the big-litlle architecture.This architecture is not new idea…is very old.For example, three years ago the ΤI OMAP 4470. Τheoretically seemed 2cores but in fact it was 4cores.Two cores active and two auxiliary (eterogeneus 4cores).The SmartQ T30 was a chineese tablet with TI OMAP 4470.Today this old machine in antutu scores 21000 like the latests 4cores tablets.Do not you find it strange is perfectly reasonable.
    Giannis Xirogiannis
    Mathematician phd
    Lamia Greece

  3. Sebastien

    The only mobile processor i will ever trust is the snapdragon cpu’s and nvidia’s processors

  4. Raaj13

    Commenting too late but when quick mode is off cpu frequency is limited to 1.2 Ghz and 4 cores active(big little) while with quick mode on a15 cores go upto 1.8Ghz (no 2Ghz as they claim) and all 8 core are active . That is also one of the reason the tablet consume too much power in quick mode and gives poor battery life.

  5. Emeric

    Quickmode = 1 is 4 A15 + 4 A7 @ 1.8GHz
    Quickmode = 0 is 4 A15 @ 1.2GHz
    That explains the scores.

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