Onda Forum Now Has An App

In a Weibo communiqué, Onda announces an app for their forum:



#昂达论坛#【软件推荐】 《昂达社区》的APK已经上线,这也是昂达论坛的掌上客户端,在这里你可以快速浏览到昂达论坛最新资讯, 现在有Android版和iphone版可供下载使用!昂达机友必备哦!下载点击→ http://t.cn/RPs9p8Z 或放大图片扫描二维码即可!@ONDABBS-昂达论坛 @onda玩家固件小组 @OndaOS

Google Translate:

# # [Software recommended Onda forum] “Onda community” APK already on the line, which is a handheld client Onda forum, where you can quickly navigate to the latest information Onda forum, there are now Android version and iphone version available for download! Onda jiyou essential Oh! Download Click → http://t.cn/RPs9p8Z or two-dimensional code scanning can enlarge the picture! @ ONDABBS- Onda Forumonda player firmware teamOndaOS


While this will be of limited use to non-Chinese readers, it could be useful for quickly scanning forum posts to see if there are any images or videos.

Get it on this page.

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