Teclast X98 Air Gets A Review


Over at ZOL [Google Translate].

There are no surprises in the review, but it doesn’t provide camera still or video samples, doesn’t mention using headphones, and there’s no battery rundown test.

Here are some of the benchmark test results.

AnTuTu 5:

Basemark OS II:



Geekbench 3:

Aside from a burp with one of the video clients, it seemed to perform well. But this review is light on actual experience while being heavy on several benchmarks.

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7 responses to “Teclast X98 Air Gets A Review

  1. John T

    I’ve noticed a few AE listings for X98 Air listing GPS as “NA” and other sellers who sell both X98 Air & X98 3G in the same listing stating that only the 3G version has GPS. Does anyone know for certain if Air has GPS, or not?

  2. John T

    An AE seller just got back to me, “Hi John, X98-3G can support GPS, but X98-AIR cannot.” I wish sellers would stop advertising GPS, if it does not come with GPS!

  3. MocciJ

    I’m afraid that those tablets aren’t meant to last longer than a year. I’ve just returned my v975w for an odd brightness issue (changed almost linearly when bezels were pressed) and I don’t think I want another as a replacement. I’ve read some rumours (from 2011!) that the rejected Apple panels are bought by those brands for peanuts; this makes sense in the marketing world, but it’s tied to an overall decrease of the latters’ quality and life time, and I definitely can tell that there are some common issues by lurking around forums, like more pronounced light bleeding and such.

    • Chinese tablets have yet to reach the level of manufacturing quality of world-class brand names. Anyone who buys thinking there’s no risk is kidding himself. And yes, China tablet makers often accept what’s rejected by Apple, Samsung, and other first-tier companies.

  4. James Linden

    I’ve had 2 Chinese tablets for around 2 years still going strong, I’ll take a little light bleed for $200 Alex! All these devices come from the same exact location, probably right across the street from one another. Put a fruit symbol on one, or some Chinese characters on the other. How deep are your pockets and how tech savvy you are determines which one you’ll choose. I just got another one, the Onda V819i and I love it. I’m giving it to my son and just ordered the Teclast X98 Air, for the larger, easier to read screen. My eyes aren’t what they used to be, as I also do a lot of reading.

    • No, they all don’t come from the same place if you’re comparing Apple to others. Brands such as Chuwi, Teclast, Onda, etc, aren’t made by Foxconn, as Apple’s products are. The only Chinese company — of the ones I’ve written about — that uses Foxconn is Xiaomi, and that’s a recent development because previously they didn’t have the sales volume for such a factory to bother with. In addition, some companies have their own in-house factories (see Charbax’s CUBE video in this blog) while others contract out to assemblers.

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