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iFive Mini 4: Chinese Video Review

So… there’s no other way to put it: For less than half the price of an iPad Mini 2, you really do get less than half of the capability and quality!

Jiggly power button:


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Huawei Caught Cheating 3DMark

Huawei Ascend P7 delisted from 3DMark rankings

See also: Examining Huawei’s Benchmark Optimizations in the Ascend P7

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iLevon: MIUI Users Should Stay With Dalvik

In a Weibo communiqué, iLevon — who I believe works for Xiaomi on their MIUI dev team — advises MIUI users to stick with Dalvik over ART:


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Full-Of-Himself “Writer” Goes On Epic Comment Rant

FunBITS: Bears in Boats Fighting Crime

The guy claims he’s a “serious writer” (with Teddy Bears as his book’s characters?!!?) and goes on some kind of epic mental meltdown over in the Comments about a review of his trivial work.

Here’s a bunch of free clues for him:

1) If you call yourself a “serious writer,” we’ve already tuned out.

2) There simply is no right or wrong to reviews of fiction, despite what you learned in “University.”

3) You never debate a review. Not ever.

To compound it all, he says this:

If you think a well-reasoned, detailed response like mine is going to hurt a writer’s career, you can’t possibly know this for fact. It may have that effect or no effect or, in our media-hyped age, the exact opposite effect.

Yes, we can know.

We’ve seen you’re a dick whose writing was based on some sort of “formula for fiction” you “learned” at “University” and it resulted in something so lifeless that even a mild criticism of it sent you spinning into a mental orbit no sane person — or “serious writer” — could ever reach.

Whatever “writing career” you had hoped for is now over.

PS: Don’t bother leaving a Comment here, Harper. I’ll send it to the Trash without even reading it.


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