iLevon: MIUI Users Should Stay With Dalvik

In a Weibo communiqué, iLevon — who I believe works for Xiaomi on their MIUI dev team — advises MIUI users to stick with Dalvik over ART:



不建议大家使用ART运行环境:1.目前的app并没有特别优化,甚至有一些不兼容 2.在miui上,并不能带来明显的流畅体验 3.需要重新优化App,体积变得更大,占用存储空间。4.有些应用无法运行。什么时候开合适呢?等谷歌彻底摒弃Dalvik的时候[呵呵]

Google Translate:

We do not recommend the use of ART operating environment: a current app does not specifically optimized, and even some incompatibilities 2 on miui, and can not bring obvious need to re-optimize the flow experience 3 App, the volume becomes larger, storage space. 4 Some applications can not run. What time appropriate? Such as Google and completely abandon the Dalvik when [Oh]

Bing Translator:

Do not advise people to use ART to run the environment: 1. the current app is not particularly optimized, even those not compatible 2. on on miui and cannot bring visible flow experience 3. There is a need to optimize the App, the volume becomes larger, taking up storage space. 4. some applications cannot be run. When is right? Time to discard the Dalvik, Google [Oh]


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