Chuwi Releases Windows Firmware For VX8 3G

In a Weibo communiqué, Chuwi has announced the release of Windows 8.1 with Bing firmware for the white-color VX8 3G:


There are two Weibos there.

The top one:



Google Translate:

Chi faithful, if the new Bios brush does not go in, you can brush the old Bios, download address: http: //

And that goes to this Baidu page.

The quoted one:


【驰为VX8 3G Win8固件发布】各位驰友,Win8固件上传完毕了,目前这版固件比较稳定,如果驰友发现什么Bug,请及时反馈给小驰哦。PS:刷机有风险,用户需谨慎! 下载链接:刷机Bios Win8镜像

Google Translate:

[Chi for VX8 3G Win8 firmware release] Members Chi Friends, Win8 firmware upload is complete, the current version of the firmware that is relatively stable, if Chi Friends find what Bug, please timely feedback to the small Chi oh. PS: Brush risk, you need to be cautious! Download link: Brush Bios http: // Win8 mirror

And that goes to these two Baidu pages: Windows BIOS, Windows 8.1 with Bing, and this Weibo page: flashing instructions [which neither Google nor Bing can handle; use this translation].

I doubt this is of any use to those reading this blog, but still…

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  1. steph_montgrain

    any Rom available for the VX8 3g business edition 2g/32g ?

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