CUBE iWork 7 Announced: US$65!

In a Weibo communiqué, CUBE announced its new iWork 7, a seven-inch Windows 8.1 tablet:



旗下全球最薄5.95毫米单手握拿英特尔64位IPS屏正版WIN8平板酷比魔方IWORK7正式曝光。采用英特尔新一代64位凌动处理器;全球最薄5.95毫米机身最薄处;全球首款最佳单手握拿的WIN8平板;7英寸全视角IPS屏;送399元正版WIN8操作系统 599元OFFICE办公系统;外挂3G/键鼠/U盘,支持HDMI输出功能。

Google Translate:

‘s The world’s thinnest 5.95 mm single hand holding Genuine Intel 64 IPS screen tablet CUBE IWORK7 WIN8 formal exposure. Use Intel’s new Atom processor 64; world’s thinnest 5.95 mm at the thinnest; the world’s first single-hand holding WIN8 best tablet; 7 inches wide viewing angle IPS screen; send 399 yuan genuine WIN8 operating system 599 Yuan oFFICE office systems; plug-in 3G / Companions / U disk, supports HDMI output










The Weibo says 399 yuan for the base model that excludes Office. That’s US$65.00 at post time.

And here we are, just within five dollars of the unbelievable news of April: US$60 Full Windows Tablets Coming



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9 responses to “CUBE iWork 7 Announced: US$65!

  1. J

    What I would like to know is where could I purchase one for that price. If you know a good reliable seller please reply with a link thanks

  2. Endriu

    65$ including 3g?? 0.0

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  4. J

    Even if the data didn’t work as long as it has WiFi and hopefully bluetooth I could throw a debian based os on it and do anything I want with it

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  6. Yue

    All that with only a single GB of ram~!

    … Yeah, no. If it was running Windows XP, 1GB wouldn’t be that much of a problem, but windows 8.1? You need a minimum of 2GB for it to even run properly, this thing will use the pagefile like no tomorrow and will be slow as hell. This thing will choke on itself. Avoid.
    “The Cube iWork 7 features a 7 inch, 1280 x 800 pixel IPS display, an Intel Atom Z3735G quad-core processor, 1GB of RAM, and 16GB of storage.”

    • michaël

      Not really, 1gb ram is just fine for some browsing etc i tested in virtualbox (6 tabs open in ie + YouTube fhd playback is no problem)
      But granted, 1gb ram is not mutch not even for android witch uses more ram that windows 8.1 when idle (on my 1gb ram tablet it takes up 450 ram vs 300 ram windows in vbox both clean install)
      Btw one of my friends has a Toshiba with these specs, runs smooth i was suprised.

  7. Scotty

    ive had mine for about 6 months now and am writing this review on the device itself

    its great. build quality is fine. firefox is stable ontop of windows running and it streams 720p HD youtube flawlessly with no slowdown. 1080p does sometimes suffer from stutters but for such a cheap device with such a georgous IPS display which represents colours 2x better than my $1500 lenovo Y50.

    pro: light weight and acceptable build quality. perfect for simple use and much better for AD and restriction free web browsing in full x86 desktop browsers. boots faster than my expensive laptop too as the os is not bloated with software from OEM. charges fast and runs exceptionally well for windows 8.1 with a single gig of ddr3 1333mhz ram.

    cons: 3-5hours battery. not too impressive but considering this os a quadcore x86 silent fanless architecture running windows 8.1 and multi threaded apps better than my old 2011 AMD A6 apu laptop at 1.5Ghz quadcore but uses a fraction of then power consumption- its very impressive. only one micro usb so mice + keyboard better be bluetooth 4 compatible. windows takes up most HDD space so you may neednto purchase an SD card.

    for the price (i paid $110 on and got it shipped from china). for $65 its virtually a steal seeing as a windows 8.1 license is around that much. 10/10. Totally awesome. i have it at my bedside so i can quickly check mail, social media and youtube in a matter of seconds instead of struggling to load all content in limited forms on my smart phone or need to get up to use my laptop at my desk.

    best thing I ever purchased in 2014 and it still works great!

    -Scotty McLean

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