AnTuTu Labs Mentions Onda

Note: I was supposed to post this on August 29th. It got forgotten in the Draft folder.

In a Weibo communiqué, AnTuTu Labs uses Onda as an example:



安兔兔凭借简单易用的操作和科学合理的专业测试赢得了国内外1亿用户广泛认可,作为系统应用必备之一;安兔兔最新V5.0版本更坚决维护消费者的利益,打击跑分作弊行为;@搞机圈老王 @驱动之家 @ZOL中关村在线

Google Translate:

With easy-to-use security Bunny operation and scientific reasonable professional test won 100 million users at home and abroad widely recognized as one of the essential application system; Ann Bunny latest V5.0 version is more resolutely safeguard the interests of consumers against run sub cheating; Pharaoh @ @ engage machine circle drive homeZOL Zhongguancun Online

And then there’s this curious screensnap:


I don’t know why the score is red with a question mark or what the text above it says. But this has to be meaningful because AnTuTu Labs is specifically circling the Onda V989 as the test subject!

AnTuTu Labs held a conference about the new release earlier this week. Google Translate turns a report about it into even worse gibberish than usual.


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2 responses to “AnTuTu Labs Mentions Onda

  1. my incredibly laggy v975m also has this red score with 36k points
    “the score not verify by antutu”

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