Chinese Tablet Windows 8.1 Is Buggy

In a Weibo communiqué, CUBE reveals a Windows 8.1 with Bing bug that probably applies to all China-made tablets:



IWORK8 英文WIN8操作系统BUG概率性充不满电BUG,现对其进行说明,中文操作系统不存在该问题。望知悉

Google Translate:

IWORK8 English WIN8 operating system BUG probability sufficient dissatisfaction electric BUG, now be explained, Chinese operating system does not exist the problem. Hope knows

And that leads to:


IWORK8 英文WIN8操作系统BUG概率性充不满电BUG



Google Translate:

IWORK8 English WIN8 operating system BUG BUG probabilistic electric charge discontent

The reason: the new multi-lingual mirror download, compile out of the OS to verify the existence probability of the charge will be unhappy when the battery is fully charged, PMU will stop charging, and most of the electrical system, this time directly from the charger, but the LCD, etc. there are a few road power is taken directly from the battery power, the battery stops charging, LCD and other few road power consumption but also from the battery terminal, so the battery at 100% charge after they become low, when battery power is less than about 95%, by charger and start charging, the battery is monitored from the system can be seen, 100% charge indicator turns from about 99% -95%, 98%, 100% and starts to rise, this condition will be repeated

If you use IWORK8 English WIN8 operating system, there may be a problem, we are gradually resolved, and hope the majority of users know.

It seems that when the Windows 8.1 with Bing Microsoft supplies to Chinese tablet makers is used in English, there’s some weird problem with charging the tablet!

This makes me wonder if this is deliberate sabotage by Microsoft to hobble sales outside of China.

How can it be that using the second most important language — Chinese being the first — invokes a bug? This just doesn’t make any sense other than it being deliberate. Does the bug appear if the language used is Romanian? How about Arabic? Or Portuguese? See my point?

And if it isn’t deliberate, then Microsoft still isn’t taking its future seriously. Their software quality control sucks.

Given what Chuwi also said, it makes me wonder what else is lurking in that damn software Microsoft has supplied to China.


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4 responses to “Chinese Tablet Windows 8.1 Is Buggy

  1. I suppose it is buggy in general, not only on chinese tablets

  2. Not sure it’s Microsoft’s fault or in any way related to the language ( btw I’m Romania and I like my UI to be in English ) .
    It’s just that Windows 8.1 either requires drivers for these or has some specific way that it gets this charging info. It’s the manufacturer’s fault for not implementing something properly within the hardware/firmware.
    I’m not in any way a MS fan an I plan on running Linux ( Android and Sailfish ) on this but let’s not blame MS when it’s probably not their fault.

    • God! Drivers! The bane of Windows, its soft underbelly. But still, Intel is assisting these tablet makers because they’re using Intel CPUs — so perhaps its Intel to blame?

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