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Video: Onda V989 As A Macintosh II

I’ve known of the Mini vMac emulator for quite some time.

But my jaw still dropped seeing HyperCard on the Onda V989:


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This is a must-read: Shenzhen trip report – visiting the world’s manufacturing ecosystem

Two excerpts:

These chips were sold, not individually, but by the pound. Who buys chips by the pound? Small factories that make all of the cellphones that we all buy “new” will often be short on parts and they will run to the market to buy bags of that part so that they can keep the line running. It’s very likely that the “new” phone that you just bought from ATT has “recycled” Shenzhen parts somewhere inside.


The pivot from piracy to staking out intellectual property rights isn’t a new thing. The United States blatantly stole book copyright until it developed its own publishing very early in US history. The Japanese copied US auto companies until it found itself in a leadership position. It feels like Shenzhen is also at this critical point where a country/ecosystem goes from follower to leader.

They’re on the cutting edge over there.

If the current crop of tablet manufacturers would get their shit together, they’d be like the Japanese car companies pummeling the American car companies back in the day.


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Say What? Google Translate

I really don’t like to translate something twice.

But then there are times when it’s imperative:

Click = big

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Video: Samsung Galaxy Note 4

I watched the announcement live via YouTube.

Samsung doesn’t get it. The products are the star. We don’t want to see stiff people who aren’t professional presenters drone on and on and try to be funny. We want the damn products announced and demonstrated in-depth.

The only one that interested me was the new Note 4. Samsung made some very nice improvements to its MultiView feature, leaping ahead of Rockchip’s MultiWindow Android 2.0.

Anyway, at post time all of the videos on YouTube are very much alike. After the break, one from Android Authority.

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OnePlus Tweets Then Deletes

They tweeted this and then quickly deleted it!


The original tweet link.

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Video: Toshiba Encore Mini

Chippy of UMPC Portal gets a video of the new seven-inch Windows 8.1 tablet from Toshiba, the Encore Mini.

See it after the break.

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Logitech Multi-Device Keyboard


I’m not sure if a twisty dial is the answer, but this is still seriously great.

See the video after the break.

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