Obsolete Tablets Finally Get In Stores

At the new DavaVision …


… a tablet that took nearly a fucking year to get into a store where I could touch it.

The HP Slate 8 Pro, which I first posted about September 19, 2013:



HP basically had the MiPad before Xiaomi did. And what did they do with that head start?

Pissed it alllllll away.

DataVision is even carrying the rebranded Huawei tablet:


Meanwhile, over at B&H Photo, the elusive Blu Life View put in an appearance:





Blu introduced that back in January of this year. So you can say a lower-tier company actually beat HP into stores.

That’s HP: How Pathetic.



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2 responses to “Obsolete Tablets Finally Get In Stores

  1. Svetozar

    What is wrong with HP? Why put Nvidia Tegra 4 and 1600 x 1200 display along with 1GB RAM! Anyone with a little knowledge wouldn’t even consider this especially at that price.

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