R.I.P. Joan Rivers

As everyone already knows, she died yesterday.

Yesterday I had things that kept me away from the keyboard most of the day. Then I forgot to do a post — and I found that out just now, when I went searching for the one I thought I did.

I think she might’ve set a new land record for cosmetic surgeries in her lifetime. While it’s tragic that the entertainment industry will force people to do that, Joan probably thought, “You want to play cosmetic surgery? I’ll beat you any day!” She was not a woman who ever intended to retire — because she found life so interesting and exciting all the time. Hundreds of clips have been broadcast in just the past twenty-four hours — and every single one of them reveal that about her.

We’ll probably never know why she died. TV reports today that she was under general anesthesia for a throat endoscopy. Her voice had been getting raspier. I suppose she was worried about a polyp or other possible growth. While unconscious, she had a heart attack. Whether something went wrong during the procedure or whether the heart attack just happened at that time, we might never know. She probably gently slipped away without ever realizing what was happening.

I won’t include a clip in this post. I wouldn’t know which one to choose.

Rest in peace. You made us all laugh.

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