This Way To The Shark Jump!

Is Apple planning a catwalk show for its iPhone/iWatch event?


Oh god. Apple will turn into Ramos, like the above photo? [Google Translate]


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6 responses to “This Way To The Shark Jump!

  1. Ric Day

    No! My feeling is that the large structure outside the conference hall will be for hands-on demos of (multiple) new products. Using a larger hall for the event is another “we’re confident” signal.

  2. Martin

    The problem with tech watches so far is the lack of style or finesse(battery also), so until now you can’t used all the time. It seems that Apple has solved the problem , it is for this reason that invited a lot of fashion magazines journalist . In the watch industry the catwalk is one way you can show fashion products. But Apple is a technology company and look weird. Any way ..that could mean that the iWatch will be expensive.

  3. Ian

    Do they use anorexic models to prove how thin their tablets are?

  4. Eric

    Who wants a watch you have to charge every day?
    If there is a dual display with a watch portion powered by a standard watch battery it would not be so bad.

    My speculation is no watch specifically, more a health fitness tracker with GPS tying into the health stuff in IOS8. Telling the time will be incidental and if I were good at speculating I would have made a mint of the stock market which I haven’t.

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