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Two Puzzle Pieces: iLoop And Twitter

iWatch? No.

I think it will be called the iLoop.

Apple’s address is 1 Infinite Loop.

To call it an “iWatch” is stupid. They never called their music player an “iJukebox” or “iMusic” or “iPlayer.” Calling it an “iPod” left it wide open to do more than play music — as it eventually did; offering, for example, video and photos. And “pod” was a brilliant choice, since the iPod was white — and most people connected it to the white pods of the movie 2001.

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OMA Releases iFive Mini 4 ROM

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Thanks to hazelice in Comments.

[ ROM ] iFive Mini 4 Android 4.4.2 custom root firmware (2014/09/06)

If I’m reading that correctly, the only way to get multiwindowing into it is to use the Xposed framework and a module. No Rockchip MultiWindow Android 2.0. Perhaps that will come later?

(And yes, I know the above screens aren’t 4:3. It looks to me like OMA screensnapped his Teclast P90HD!)

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OMA Is Back!


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