OMA Releases iFive Mini 4 ROM

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Thanks to hazelice in Comments.

[ ROM ] iFive Mini 4 Android 4.4.2 custom root firmware (2014/09/06)

If I’m reading that correctly, the only way to get multiwindowing into it is to use the Xposed framework and a module. No Rockchip MultiWindow Android 2.0. Perhaps that will come later?

(And yes, I know the above screens aren’t 4:3. It looks to me like OMA screensnapped his Teclast P90HD!)

Previously here:

OMA Is Back!


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7 responses to “OMA Releases iFive Mini 4 ROM

  1. hazelice

    FNF ifive mini4 factory firmware 4.4.4 V2.0.2:
    pass: s19b

  2. buffycorrell

    I wonder if they’ll release 5.0

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